Meet Our Students & Recent Alumni

AmandaAlampicropped.JPG Amanda Alampi
At first, because NYU was so close to my home in New Jersey, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to a school 15 miles from my house.
AlexaAllencropped.JPG Alexa Allen
Big city life is a life-shaping experience. I came to NYU from a small town in Michigan.
student-small-aragon.jpg David Aragon
Coming from the Midwest (Denver, Colorado), I knew that NYU would be a big transition.
AAshton_small.jpg Amanda Ashton (Alumna)
I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit.
coker.jpg Lola Coker
My freshman experience was amazing. I really loved LS and the experience of being a varsity athlete on the NYU soccer team.
student-small-diamant.jpg Emilia Diamant
Hello prospective LSers! I am a Liberal Studies program graduate, and I want to tell you how much I love this program.
EDowney.jpg Eamon Downey (Alum)
My mind was opened to the world in a way I didn’t initially plan on when entering NYU seeking a degree in Film and Television.
student-small-francia.jpg Cesar Francia
My journey to New York City has been delayed by several fortunate detours.
student-small-garry.jpg Thomas Garry
There are a thousand reasons why I wanted to come from California to New York City for college.
student-small-gomes.jpg Andrea Gomes
NYU is not a typical university.
GSPred_2332_0278.JPG Daniel Grippi
I come from the Long Island suburbs, but the move to New York City was still a major one for me.

Salimah Hadi
After living all around the world (Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Toronto) my favorite place to come back to is definitely New York City.

Jamieson-cropped.JPG Rachel Jamieson
LS Graduate, CAS Junior
Coming from California, where the weather is lovely and there are plenty of great colleges, people would ask why I wanted to go to school so far away.
Hyeon Kyoo (Henry) Ji
LS Graduate, CAS Senior
I appreciate the foundation LS gave me at NYU.
Kang.jpg Ramanjot Kang
Growing up in Queens, New York, I knew right away that NYU was where I wanted to go to college.
ArielKnutsoncropped.JPG Ariel Knutson
I planned to be an English major,
SukoonManekiacropped.JPG Sukoon Manekia
I began my freshman year at NYU in Paris.
KaitlinPucciocropped.JPG Kaitlin Puccio (Alumna)
I studied Philosophy and now run my own publishing and production company.
SebastianPyrek-cropped.JPG Sebastian Pyrek
When I decided to attend NYU, it took a few weeks to wrap my mind around the idea that I would leave Danville, a town of less than 20,000 people in Kentucky
MatthewRogers-cropped.JPG Matthew Rogers
At NYU, I participated immediately in the activities that I enjoyed in high school, such as joining the Washington Square News as a film reviewer.
DianaR.jpg Diana Rosenthal
As a native New Yorker, I wanted to continue my higher education at NYU,
student-small-rufin.jpg Milna Rufin
NYU is HUGE. Sometimes, it seems almost overwhelming! But that's just what I love about this school.
SeanSankercropped.JPG Sean Sanker
I am a native New Yorker from Queens, completing a Pre-Medicine track, with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Chemistry.
AndrewSerrao-cropped.JPG Andrew Serrao
All my experiences, on and off campus, have shaped my NYU path.
DevinShacket_Small.jpg Devin Shacket
I am originally from Detroit, Michigan.  NYU was my first choice for college-my dream school.

JakeSmithcropped.JPG Jake Smith
During high school in Portland, Maine, I got to spend a semester in New York City through an honors exchange program.
Chi-Ser-Tran.gif Chi-Ser Tran
My advice is to use your time at NYU wisely by taking advantage of all the great opportunities it offers.
CassandraVazquez-cropped.JPG Cassandra Vazquez
Although my roots lie in other countries, I have found that New York City has quenched my desire to be surrounded by the influence of people with roots from every single country.
MelanieWallnercropped.JPG Melanie Wallner
I am having the time of my life at NYU.
red_image.jpg Patrick Wong
NYU had always been my dream school since I was a freshman in high school.
student-small-young.jpg Jeremy Young
I came to NYU uncertain and excited — uncertain about my future and excited to be going to college.