Liberal Studies Events

The Core Program fosters a community of interdisciplinary scholars, and regular program-wide events are an essential part of this community. While Core Program students participate in many NYU activities and organizations, those sponsored by Liberal Studies augment the curriculum and bring faculty and students together outside the classroom.

Annual program-wide events have brought renowned scholars and artists to Liberal Studies. Recent visitors include Yale art historian Timothy Barringer, philosopher Peter Singer, television host and author Anthony Bourdain, and former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Student organizations like the Cinema Club, the Economics Club, and the Politics Club offer smaller, regular forums for speakers and discussion on topics as diverse as film, international markets, and global current events.

The following is a sampling of regular Liberal Studies events:

Global Lecture Series
Liberal Studies organizes and sponsors the Global Lectures Series, which features prominent speakers on issues relevant to the study and celebration of great works traditions in cultures around the world. Past lecturers have included distinguished historian Marcus Rediker and author and human rights advocate Ishmael Beah.

Liberal Studies Faculty Readings
The faculty of Liberal Studies are active scholars and thinkers, with countless publications to their names. Faculty members with recent publications are invited to read selections from their works as part of a lively reading series for the Liberal Studies community.

Co-curricular Activities

Visits to local museums, theaters, and historical sites led by faculty or faculty-sponsored student organizations help Core Program students make connections among their courses and between the curriculum and the cities in which they are studying it. Through these activities, intellectual theory meets daily experience.

Beahsmall.jpgAuthor Ishmael Beah appeared at NYU for the Liberal Studies Global Lecture Series.