Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Core Program a bachelor's degree program?
The Core Program is two-year curriculum in which you will fulfill general education requirements and explore your major options. After you have successfully completed the Core Program at the end of sophomore year, you will continue as a junior in one of NYU’s degree-granting schools or programs, where you will earn a bachelor’s degree.

What happens at the end of my sophomore year?
All Core Program students are expected to continue in a bachelor’s degree program at NYU for the junior and senior years. Your Liberal Studies academic advisor will guide you as you consider transition and major options. As a sophomore, you will declare a major during spring semester, after successful transition to your baccalaureate program. As a junior, you will continue your studies in your baccalaureate program. In order to transition to a bachelor’s degree program, students must be in good academic standing and meet specific program requirements in their prospective major or school.

Which degree-granting programs may I transition to following completion of the Core Program?
NYU is characterized by its diversity of majors and programs. As a Core Program student, you will have access to the university’s varied academic programs, from the College of Arts and Science’s more than 60 majors, to a bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Core Program students who are in good academic standing, who have completed a minimum of 64 credits, and who meet specific program requirements in their prospective major or school have the opportunity to transition directly to degree programs in these NYU schools:

  • Arts and Science (College of Arts and Science; Global Liberal Studies)
  • College of Nursing
  • Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • Polytechnic School of Engineering (specific liberal arts programs)
  • School of Professional Studies
  • Silver School of Social Work
  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (specific liberal arts programs)
  • Tisch School of the Arts (specific liberal arts programs)
Core Program students who meet the above requirements may also apply for internal transfer to the following colleges and degree programs at NYU. Application and/or additional materials (e.g. audition, portfolio) will be reviewed for admission:
  • Polytechnic School of Engineering
  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (Music and Performing Arts; Art and Art Professions)
  • Stern School of Business
What happens if I elect to spend my freshman year at an NYU global academic center in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC?
NYU encourages every undergraduate to participate in our extensive global network that boasts 13 global sites on five continents. Most NYU students must achieve sophomore standing before studying away from New York, but Liberal Studies students have the unique opportunity to begin their academic careers at one of NYU’s global academic centers in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC. Many students benefit from a full year of international study before they have chosen their major or minor, and in a setting where they are completing general education classes that meet requirements in all NYU bachelor’s degrees. If you complete your first year at NYU Florence, NYU London, NYU Paris, or NYU Washington, DC, you will join your peers at NYU’s New York City campus for the sophomore year. By the end of the sophomore year at NYU, you will have completed 64 credits, one-half of the 128 credits required for an NYU bachelor’s degree.

What classes will I take in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC?

All Liberal Studies freshmen at the global academic centers take the same Core Program classes as students who are enrolled at NYU’s New York City campus. Students at Florence and Paris also will study the language spoken at the site (unless they are already proficient in the language).

How will I determine which degree program to select?
Starting from your first semester, your Liberal Studies academic advisor will address questions that are most important as you consider major options. Core Program freshmen generally have one free elective each semester; sophomores generally have three free electives each semester. These elective spaces are used to complete requirements in your destination school, to explore potential majors, to begin introductory classes in a major, or to begin a minor. Advisors from the College of Arts and Science and from Steinhardt also have regular office hours in the Liberal Studies Advising Office as a resource for students considering degree-granting programs within those schools. 

Can I begin a major or a minor while I am in the Core Program?
Elective credits may be used to begin to complete requirements in your prospective school, to begin introductory classes in a major, or to begin a minor. In addition to minors available within schools, you also may pursue any of over fifty cross-school minors that are available to all NYU undergraduates.

I have AP/IB credit—will it count toward my core requirements?
The core classes all count toward completion of NYU’s general education requirements. In general, AP and IB credits, or other advanced standing (like college courses at another school) will count toward the 128 credits required for graduation. For the most part, however, advanced standing will not substitute for any classes in the core curriculum, though it may satisfy other degree requirements (for example, in science or quantitative reasoning), and it may place you in a higher-level class (for example, in foreign language). Upon your arrival, your academic advisor will meet with you to discuss your advanced standing and how the credits may be applied.

Which applicants are selected for the two-year Liberal Studies (LS) Core Program?
The admissions committee selects applicants for the Core Program who would thrive in an interdisciplinary curriculum with small, seminar-style classes where students are actively expected to engage in classroom discussion. Selected students may or may not have expressed an interest in a specific major or another school or college on their application for admission. The admissions committee, however, believes selected students would benefit from exploring the liberal arts at NYU and completing their general education requirements through the Core Program before committing to a major, minor, double-major, etc.

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