Academic Programs

The academic program is composed of a core liberal education curriculum that is based on the study of great works and on elective courses drawn from NYU’s seven other undergraduate colleges, allowing students to explore various major options during their first two years. Our goal is to help students meet the liberal education requirements for the bachelor’s degree and to provide the foundation for students to begin a major. At the end of two years, a student who successfully completes the Core Program will have accumulated 64 credits toward their NYU bachelor’s degree.

Our aim is to give our students the best possible foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and to help them develop the ability to think analytically, read critically, and write effectively. These are the skills that every student needs to complete a bachelor’s degree at NYU and, beyond that, to become successful in his or her chosen profession or with graduate studies. The curriculum covers the development of civilization from ancient times to the present. The subject matter is organized to concentrate on one historical period at a time, with interrelated courses that deal with materials from all of the humanities. Students study many original works rather than textbooks.