Miriam Frank


Ph.D, New York University

MA, New York University

BA, New York University

Area of Interests: German Literature and History; Women's Studies; Working Class History and Cultures in the USA; World War II Histories and Cultures; Queer Studies

Course(s) Taught: Cultural Foundations I, II, & III


    NYU Intensives Curriculum Development Grant, 2010
    NYU Summer Challenge Grant, 2005
    NYU Research Challenge Foundation, 1999
    NYU Stephen Charney Vladeck Fellow in Labor Studies, 1995
    NYU Phi Beta Kappa

Teaching Statement:

In Cultural Foundations we start at the ancient beginnings of human creativity, then continue through three semesters of global history -- the conquests and migrations, the family lives and great monuments. We observe how humans have painted and sculpted, sung, written and acted and how those visual stories and poetic expressions continue to live in the cultures of our city and our century.

I strive to transform these huge studies into direct and exciting encounters for each student. We start with the classroom -- the texts, the information, the discussions -- and we explore their vital realities in our writing projects and daily observations. We participate in the humanities by visiting the city's rich and brilliant museums, touring historic neighborhoods, attending film screenings and live performances of classic opera. These adventures enhance our sense of historical cultures alive in the everyday environment.

My roots as a scholar lie in the literary humanities and I remain devoted to the foundational texts of my own education. However, in a varied academic career, I have contributed deeply to the fields of labor studies, women's studies and queer studies. These disciplines have transformed my writing and teaching and have challenged me to enhance my original training with new methods of research and new ways of understanding the humanities.


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