Probst Scholarship and Dean's Circle

Michael L. Probst Scholarships

The Michael L. Probst Scholarships were endowed by a former distinguished NYU administrator. The awards are based solely on merit and are open to LS students at the end of the freshman year. Students do not need to be eligible for financial aid to receive the award. Scholarships will be applied to tuition charges for the sophomore year. The awards are for one year only and are not renewable. To be eligible to apply, students must have a cumulative NYU GPA of 3.750 or better with no outstanding incomplete grades, must have earned at least 32 credit hours toward the degree, must not have been subject to any disciplinary sanctions, and must enroll full time for the fall semester. Eligible students must submit an application that includes an essay and a letter of support from an LS faculty member.

Dean's Circle

Students who complete the freshman year with a cumulative grade point average of 3.650 or better and who have earned at least 30 credit hours will be invited to apply for the Dean’s Circle University Scholars program, LS’s honor society. Dean’s Circle scholars participate in a range of activities with faculty, including visits to cultural events (e.g., performances, museum exhibits, and concerts) and travel experience. Members are also expected to engage in community service and to work over the course of the year on a major research project on a topic related to Dean’s Circle travel. In recent years, the Dean’s Circle scholars have traveled to the Czech Republic, England, Germany and Spain. Dean’s Circle members in good standing also receive favorable consideration for the University Scholars program in the school to which they enroll in as juniors.
Updated on 09/28/2012