Alexa Allen

Big city life is a life-shaping experience. I came to NYU from a small town in Michigan. Corn fields surround my high school and there is an annual tractor parade. Needless to say, Manhattan was a shock, but it was the most perfect shock I could have hoped for!  My schedule at NYU has been overwhelmingly busy, but I believe that is why I feel so at home.  I have been involved with the Liberal Studies Program's student council as the Creative Director, and with the Theater Club.  I also volunteered to teach with America Reads and with the NYU Peer Health  Exchange, worked as a nanny, and served as a Freshman Orientation Leader and Ambassador.  As a Liberal Studies Dean's Circle Scholar, I am researching creation stories from different cultures around the world to present at our annual research colloquia.  Through NYU, within my first three semesters of college, I have held multiple internships:  I interned at two investments banks, at two non-profit agencies (The Fresh Air Fund and Mentoring USA), and with the office of a United States Senator. I now work full-time as an analyst for a major bank.
Updated on 04/29/2015