Julianne Lutz Warren

Master Teacher of Liberal Studies Program; Environmental Studies Program

Ph.D. and M.S. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology

M.A. University of Illinois-Chicago, Linguistics

B.S. Ithaca College, Biology and Music

Area of Interests: Environmental Studies; Environmental History; Conservation Ecology; Utopian Studies; Soundscape Ecology

Course(s) Taught: Environmental Studies (LS/GLS); Honors Seminar in Environmental Research (Environmental Studies, CAS); Global Topics: Utopia and Land Health: An Introductory Survey; Global Topics: Women's Bodies, Women's Voices and the Globe of Nature; Senior Capstone:Climate Change Justice: Making Paradise in Hell


    Recipient of a 2013 NYU Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award

Teaching Statement:

Bringing to the task my formal training as an ecologist, I use a narrative approach to teach a foundational course in environmental studies. My students and I work together to unfold a multi-faceted story of human relationships with the rest of nature. This story reaches back through the ages, but has had unprecedented consequences much more recently. The course incorporates scientific ways of knowing about the observable world and also cultural and personal ones. It is an open inquiry into what human thoughts, values, and actions may or may not be mutually beneficial to Earth and all its life.

My published writings include a book titled Aldo Leopold's Odyssey about one of America's best-respected 20th century conservation thinkers (1887-1948). Situated within the context of the American conservation movement, this shows the development of Leopold's idea of land health--what he hoped would become an ecologically grounded standard for right ways to think about and use nature.

My current project is titled “Generativity: A Quartet.” Through it I am exploring what it means to live with intimate responsibility within the world-of-life in four parts: Origins, Dreams, Losses, and Love.


Note: Some of my previous work was  published under the last name "Newton."


  • Newton, J. L. 2006. Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey [Rediscovering the Author of A Sand County Almanac]. Washington, D.C.: Shearwater Books/Island Press, 483pp. In paperback, February 2008.

Book Chapters:
  • Forthcoming 2013. “Measures of Time: Exploring Debt, Nature, and Imagination.” Debt. (2010 Conference Proceedings, Center for 21st Century Studies). Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
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Other Published Works:

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*published under the last name "Newton."

Website: www.coyotetrail.net

Updated on 07/18/2013